N’Game – African Goddess of the Soul

In Akan cosmology we learn about the triple moon goddess N’Game.

She is not to be confused with the supreme Akan God Nyame.

She is both Creatress and Queen, a goddess of divine authority and feminine empowerment. Her worship is ancient.

She is revered in West Africa, particularly by the Akan of Ghana, among whom there are old tales of connections with the priesthood and the teachings of ancient Egypt.

According to Akan myth, N’Game animated human beings by shooting arrows into their hearts with her bow. She carries a crescent shaped bow & her arrows gives humans and animals their souls at birth, the gift of life!


The Akan believe that Ngame puts part of Her spiritual essence into human beings, in the form of the human soul ‘kra’. This soul is imperishable, unlike the human body.

The Akan have a saying: ‘Nipa wu a, na onwuee’ – ‘A human dies, but he/she is not dead’.

According to their belief, the physical body may die, but the soul that comes from Ngame is ever living, the Akan believe it will reincarnate.

When a child is born, the Akan give the child a soul name, a ‘kra din’. This soul name may be the name of the day of the week on which the person was born. Ngame is the Akan Goddess of the moon.

She is a mother Goddess, who created all things. She is the mother of the sun, and gives birth to each it day so that it may light the sky.

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