What is sustainable tourism?

Travel has always been a huge part of our lives, be it the yearly family vacations, a romantic escapade or a trip closer to nature. We all have many different reasons to travel, and always one common point: pleasure . Now because of this pandemic we do feel trapped, unable to travel , our plans put aside for an indefinite period of time.

While we are in confinement, a difficult period mentally, wishing on a star for the disapperance of the coronas***t, we can interrogate ourselves and rejoice in the fact that nature is grateful for our absence. Gaia is revived . Media show us millions of photos and videos of animals coming downtown and using our streets as their play grounds.

It shows, we human, did terrible. Chasing away animals we were supposed to live with, not kill nor destroy. We were to share. In a sense, thanks to the pandemic, earth

Yes, the main reason might be the lowered level of carbon emission and more, but one of the major reasons is the current hiatus in the tourism industry. The tourism industry has been a major contributor to the pollution of the environment but the impact has gone unnoticed. When I say tourism industry, I mean not only the corporate giants involved but also you, me, and all of us who travel.

Us tourists are the biggest part of the tourism industry and our actions have harmed the environment consciously or unconsciously. The fact that our innocent trips have the potential to endanger a whole wildlife species is a bit shocking and unbelievable which is understandable. However, one plastic bottle that was thrown by you in the woods multiplied by all the other people who threw one bottle each can lead us to some irreversible damage. Thus, it becomes important to be more responsible and conscious about our actions.

If by your small effort, you are contributing towards the environment, is it not worth it? Not only are you saving the environment but also helping it grow which means you will eventually get to see more wonders of nature. When you go to these famous tourist destinations, you are entering the home of some of the most amazing local flora and fauna so it is necessary to respect them and ensure you damage them in no way. Considering the rate we are going at right now and if we continue the same way without implementing changes, we’ll be left with nature in a critical condition which will eventually lead to restrictions on a visit to your favorite lake or woods.

A lot of cities and countries survive on tourism and depend on it for the economy. When nature will be off bounds to save it, they will lose tourism and will become weak economically. A bad economy provides nothing but suffering for the population.

To give a better understanding of the bigger picture, 1 in 10 people are employed in the tourism industry. If we wish for these nightmarish possibilities to never come true, we have to start taking measures today itself. The actions where we ensure our tourism does not negatively impact nature or people whose livelihood is dedicated to tourism is known as Sustainable Tourism.

So while you plan your next travels, try and incorporate some of the many tips I will be giving in my blog to ensure safe tourism. It is now the high time that we changed how things work in the tourism industry to minimize the damage and the change starts with you.

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