I’m so honored and humbled along with my team and the volunteers working on our Humanitarian festival
Solve Me I Am The Link That I Weave to be contacted for an association with human causes.
It shows there is still so much to do and the importance of a legacy to transmit.
This time it is SalvadorĀ šŸ˜­

Tropical Storm Amanda, the first named storm of the season in the Pacific, killed at least 14 people as it lashed El Salvador and Guatemala on Sunday amid flooding and power outages.

“We are experiencing an unprecedented situation: one top-level emergency on top of another serious one,” [San Salvador Mayor Ernesto Muyshondt] said, referring to the coronavirus pandemic.

About 4,200 people sought refuge in government-run shelters after losing their homes or being forced to leave because they were in high-risk areas, Muyshondt added.”We lost everything, we’ve been left with nowhere to live,” said Isidro Gomez, a resident of hard-hit southeastern San Salvador, after a nearby river overflowed and destroyed his home. –

Just to let you know. Links for donation are coming up. I first need to check out the truth of them.
Do what you can if you can only. if not sharing the info is already acting and thanks for that.

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