2020 has been a rough year for everyone. From Covid to the endless wildfires that turned the sky red, sometimes it can feel overwhelming and hopeless.

But we didn’t give up, and worked harder to envision a better future, and we can bring that vision to life..

Pleased to announce that Résous-Moi YouTube Channel is live! It features the work and causes we are supporting through our family foundation. The Foundation formalises our efforts so that we can work with other NGOs and partnerships to further support Sri Lankan communities.

It really was long overdue, since we began our actitvies in 2009 .

During the pandemic, we had the time to think, elaborate the idea of our YouTube to provide support to our causes and supported NGO who have fallen upon hard times as well as people who don’t have access to education and work opportunities.

In 2020, though we didn’t do our annual festival tge usual way, only focusing on the charity and letting the folklore and fashion aside, we have already supported over 17 projects and helped over 400 families in France and abroad.

There is much need, during these times, and every bit of support helps. Our YouTube Channel is just another mean of doing so 😊💜

Our YouTube Channel


One of the advantages of creating a YouTube channel is that you can practice automation. YouTube videos are a huge time saver. Faced with many questions about our business. I, answering them all becomes much more complicated. Problem solved


Internet, this vast system, is in general, a web where one finds oneself rather anonymous, drowned among the others. Of course, this does not prevent brands, associations, bloggers and other brands to advertise, but all this remains rather cold and impersonal. Our YouTube videos allow us to create a link with the audience and to show a little bit of the backstage, the spirit and the human being behind it by putting his own style on the videos.


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