The country is enduring its worst heatwave in decades. More than 118 wildfires have been reported in the last 72 hours, destroying forest areas, vilages and threatening the lives of humans and animals.

Firefighter Akis Bardakis offers water to a tortoise after a wildfire in Greece.

Over the last couple of weeks Greece has been experiencing its worst heatwave in more than three decades, temperatures reached 45°C in some regions and have dried out our very dense pine forests making it very easy for the fire to spread very fast. Hundreds of houses and many villages have been destroyed by the blazes in the island of Evia, the northern suburbs of Athens and the Peloponnese

Source: @VPetsopoulos Location: Evoia, where at least 150 houses have been destroyed by a raging fire

Athens is engulfed in smoke, the Greek health authority reported levels of up to 465 micrograms of fine dust per cubic meter in the city center, the EU limit is 50 micrograms. Thousands of people have fled their homes, thousands of animals have been burned alive or suffocated by the smoke and over 100.000 acres of forest land have been reduced to ashes.

GettyImages- Milos Bansanki Athens

How to help from Greece

Several volunteer organisations are gathering supplies for the affected areas. Since the needs change by the minute, you can get the latest updates on where and how you can help from these pages:

@hellenicredcross @act4naturaldisasters @act4evoia @act4peloponnese @oallosanthropos

For reporting and searching for lost and injured animals as well as where to find accommodation, first aid and/or offer to host a wounded animal check out:

@dogsvoice @animawild

How to help locally and abroad:

Support for the inhabitants

Be vocal about climate change and demand that policymakers take action.

Source: Erasmus Student Network Greece

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