Ways to support Ukraine The European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management estimates that roughly 18 million Ukrainians will be affected by the conflict in humanitarian terms, with 7 million internally displaced and 4 million seeking refuge elsewhere. has a collection of vetted and trusted resources, charities, and organizations to help Ukraine. Some […]


A list of UKRAINIAN ORGANIZATIONS : Orphanni Synytsi EverybodyCan Hand to Hand Hospitallers Tabletochki Tvoyaopora Aid Legion United24 ReUA INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS : Aide Médicale Caritative France – Ukraine Help Hospital in Chernihiv Ukraine International Medical Corps Doctors Without Borders Help Ukraine Center Leleka Foundation Project C.U.R.E. United24 – the main official platform for collecting charitable […]

Non-Profit List

Donations in the amount of $5 or more to any organization on the following list of non-profit groups are all eligible for an entry into the Leviathan ARC Charity Drawing!

Résous-Moi: YouTube Channel

2020 has been a rough year for everyone. From Covid to the endless wildfires that turned the sky red, sometimes it can feel overwhelming and hopeless. But we didn’t give up, and worked harder to envision a better future, and we can bring that vision to life..

Protect Pololu Valley

I saw this on Tiktok and thought it needed to be passed on. Pololū Valley is sacred land currently at risk of being developed into yet another “scenic tourist attraction” for profit.

Afroamerican celebrities and their African names

What “Ghetto” Names Really Mean “Tinashe” –  Means “God is with us” in Shona ( An African language spoken by nearly 80 percent of people in Zimbabwe.) “Lakeisha” – A Swahili name meaning “favorite one.” “Ashanti” –  Name of a powerful African empire in West Africa. “Tanisha” – Hausa of West Africa name meaning “born on Monday.” […]

Picture of the week

This young man was on his way to a job interview and was having some problems with his tie. The lady in the red coat noticed that he was having trouble finalizing his knot and nudged her husband. She then blocked the view of the other passengers to avoid any embarrassment.What a beautiful and touching […]

Sometimes we shouldn’t apply the law

The woman pictured with a police officer is Helen Johnson from Tarrant, Alabama, USA .She was caught robbing a nearby “Dollar General” store and the police were called to arrest her.Everyone’s surprise was when the policeman arrived at the scene and asked her what she had stolen, she said: “Five eggs to feed my hungry children […]

Tropical storm Amanda In Salvador

I’m so honored and humbled along with my team and the volunteers working on our Humanitarian festivalSolve Me I Am The Link That I Weave to be contacted for an association with human causes.It shows there is still so much to do and the importance of a legacy to transmit.This time it is Salvador  Tropical […]


What is sustainable tourism? Travel has always been a huge part of our lives, be it the yearly family vacations, a romantic escapade or a trip closer to nature. We all have many different reasons to travel, and always one common point: pleasure . Now because of this pandemic we do feel trapped, unable to […]