Ways to support Ukraine The European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management estimates that roughly 18 million Ukrainians will be affected by the conflict in humanitarian terms, with 7 million internally displaced and 4 million seeking refuge elsewhere. has a collection of vetted and trusted resources, charities, and organizations to help Ukraine. Some […]


A list of UKRAINIAN ORGANIZATIONS : Orphanni Synytsi EverybodyCan Hand to Hand Hospitallers Tabletochki Tvoyaopora Aid Legion United24 ReUA INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS : Aide Médicale Caritative France – Ukraine Help Hospital in Chernihiv Ukraine International Medical Corps Doctors Without Borders Help Ukraine Center Leleka Foundation Project C.U.R.E. United24 – the main official platform for collecting charitable […]

Non-Profit List

Donations in the amount of $5 or more to any organization on the following list of non-profit groups are all eligible for an entry into the Leviathan ARC Charity Drawing!

Raging Fires in Greece!

The country is enduring its worst heatwave in decades. More than 118 wildfires have been reported in the last 72 hours, destroying forest areas, vilages and threatening the lives of humans and animals.

Tropical storm Amanda In Salvador

I’m so honored and humbled along with my team and the volunteers working on our Humanitarian festivalSolve Me I Am The Link That I Weave to be contacted for an association with human causes.It shows there is still so much to do and the importance of a legacy to transmit.This time it is Salvador  Tropical […]

Earthquake in Chiapas

As some of you might know, last night, around 23:50 h, one of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded in Mexico struck off the country’s southern coast. The earthquake hit off Chiapas state near the Guatemalan border with a 8.2 magnitude. It was slightly stronger than the 1985 quake, that destroyed Mexico City. President Enrique […]