Afroamerican celebrities and their African names

What “Ghetto” Names Really Mean “Tinashe” –  Means “God is with us” in Shona ( An African language spoken by nearly 80 percent of people in Zimbabwe.) “Lakeisha” – A Swahili name meaning “favorite one.” “Ashanti” –  Name of a powerful African empire in West Africa. “Tanisha” – Hausa of West Africa name meaning “born on Monday.” […]

People and traditions of Madagascar

In 2017, we had the chance to encounter our angel godfather Nirintsoa : singer, 2016 finalist of ” Star Search” from the island of Madagascar. We just fell in love with the island : its history and traditions. Its real name is Gasikara. Here is a sneak pit of its various ethnies and their traditions. […]

People and traditions of Burkina Faso

Let’s discover the some of the various ethnies and traditions that make Burkina Faso The Lobi People The Lobi belong to an ethnic group that originated in what is today Ghana. Lobi is a Gur language of the Niger–Congo language family. Lobi is a blanket term that refers to several closely related ethnic groups, including the main […]

African Tribes Traditions & Rituals

In this region of the Ivory Coast there are still ancient jungles, such as the Tai jungle, and leafy forests which are home to different ethnic branches of the Mande group. The most characteristic of these are the Dan, who are related to the Guere. Their villages are very distant from each other – they […]

People and traditions of Benin

The Dendi are an ethnic group located in Benin, Niger, Nigeria and northern Togo. They are part of the Songhai people. Dendi is a Southern Songhay language of the Nilo-Saharan language family. The Dendi people are patrilineal because they believe all men share the same male ancestor. Dendi society is split into social groups, including a noble caste. […]

The Akan Group

I’ve recently been reading about the different ethnic groups of Africa, so I thought I’d invite you guys along and share some basic facts. First up, we have the Akan people of Ghana 🇬🇭 and Ivory Coast🇨🇮. They’re 20 million strong and their language (Twi/Fante) is that of the Niger-Congo and Kwa language family. ⬇️ […]

N’GAME the Akan Goddess

N’Game – African Goddess of the Soul In Akan cosmology we learn about the triple moon goddess N’Game. She is not to be confused with the supreme Akan God Nyame. She is both Creatress and Queen, a goddess of divine authority and feminine empowerment. Her worship is ancient. She is revered in West Africa, particularly […]