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In The Vulnerable Skin is organizing this fundraiser.

The NGO DPV proposes to pursue the following objectives:

  1. To ensure the well-being of vulnerable people, especially orphans and elderly people;
  2. To conribute to the integration of young people who have dropped out of school into the craft trades (sewing, hairdressing, welding, plumbing, hotel and restaurant work, etc.);
  3. Organize leisure and tourist outings for vulnerable people;
  4. To support the parents of middle-income students in the payment of the school contribution of schoolchildren, pupils and students;
  5. To carry out awareness actions related to public health through social communication and social marketing initiatives;
  6. To create favorable conditions for the development of children, women, disabled persons and the elderly while ensuring their protection;
  7. Develop activities that contribute to the empowerment of youth and women.




To achieve the above mentioned objectives, the NGO will undertake activities in the following areas
Project design and management
Education and training for all
Social communication
Local development;
Sustainable human development.
Entrepreneurship/Studies and Consulting
Leisure, tourism, culture and crafts







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