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Samba Dramane For years, this village has survived thanks to the help of migrants, Samba Dramane today has very specific needs :
– Easy access to clean water
– electricity
-improving their school
– and its clinic
– and up to standard its irrigated perimeter .
One of the nonprofit organizations that we help this year #SambaDramané
This French and multicultural association, based in Paris 19 & 20 districts is to develop humanitarian actions in Mali.
And especially within the Kayes region in  Samba Dramane. Today, this village has very specific needs: Easy access to safe drinking water with the construction of a water tower, electricity, improvement of its school and its clinic to overcome the first care including pediatrics and surgery and up to standard of its irrigated area.
Samba Dramane village
Each well can bring clean water to as many as 1,000 people. This has an immediate effect on the prevalence of water-born diseases in a community.
Water wells in Africa
Millions of rural peoples rely on hand pumps for their family’s drinking water.

Every year, 2.6 million people die due to lack of access to safe drinking water.

And for good reason, unsafe water is a vector of waterborne diseases and serious parasitic infections that can attack the vital organs of the most vulnerable: children, women, and the elderly.

For their lives to continue, the development of water and sanitation projects, especially wells, is vital.


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