First edition of our block party.. in November!! How crazy we are right!


We wanted to invent a festive event held annually and co-organized with our local partners : ( shop owners, artits, craftworkers, non profits, inhabitants) to make people come together , encourage the discovery or rediscovery of the district and promote the local trade and its fair values.

All this come into place in November 2009.. No rain, but windy and oh cold it was really

Anyyway, those who participated had the chance to be received by our accomplices: storekeepers, artistes, non profit with a warm cup of tea or coffee while looking for clues and discovering the neighboorhood.

For example ,behind this surprising façade on Rue Menilmontant you can since 1999 find a “squart” (a contraction of squat and art), under the name of the “Miroiterie”, referring to what it used to be before – a mirror factory.

A number of artists of different nationalities work here, some live here.

Over the years it has also become a well-known place for mostly underground music – jazz, punk, rap… with over the years thousands of concerts, including by some fairly famous groups


By Peter Pho


This first edition was a success nevertheless and it give us ideas to better ourselves the next time….starting with the choice of a cool month  😉

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