This year again, we organize a treasure hunt through Belleville & Ménilmontant, with the participation of our network of local actors ( artists, craftsmen, shopkeepers, inhabitants, associations) a system of enigmas, photos, rebus to discover with our partners in order to try to win the first prize: a painting worth 700€

✨ 📸 Here we go! 📸
👨👩👧👦 Well done to the teams who participated!
🕵️♂️ On the program, a journey through the city dotted with questions and missions, to discover or rediscover the natural and cultural heritage of the neighborhood as well as the causes defended and the local initiatives that create a real change..
🔎 Bravo to the teams who knew how to decode them to find the rest of the route..

The idea behind our tracking game

There are games that develop mutual aid, teamwork and trust. These are called cooperative games. They are an alternative to competitive games, especially for children who do not respond well to them or who refuse to play them for fear of losing. Because players are allies, not opponents, there are no winners or losers.


Our neighborhood

An African melting pot in the Ménilmontant district.
Let yourself relish in the rich and profound African culture scattered around this incredible neighborhood for an intense and fantastic journey around the African continent and its ancestral cultures.


Sponsors:  Mairie de Paris 20, Le Hameau de Belleville, l’AFEV, le Fond de solidarité Européen, L’Institut Français du Japon,



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