Second launch for the festival to open up to foreign countries. After the Philippines, a live changing experience .

Retrospective of our one year investment in Philippines

A place dear to our hearts where we helped in building a new school and make private donations after organizing a fundraise.


We will keep on working on that area  with the family we met ( Roberto & Monina) and talked to.  Figures are alarming.

21.9% of the country is below the poverty line. Minimum wage workers earn a salary of PHP6,840 (134 USD) a month. Living in Manila, the living expenses cost an average of PHP27,000 (529 USD) for someone who is SINGLE.

Now, picture a family of four, five, six children, plus two parents (ideally), plus grandparents, PLUS aunts and uncles. That would amount to a minimum of 12 mouths to feed. In addition to that, picture that one out of that twelve count is working. You have a salary that doesn’t even feed you properly, what more the other mouths you have to feed?

In the Philippines, some families rely on only one person to bring in the steady income, they are called the breadwinners.

Poverty is everybody’s problem.  Everybody in a sense that boy or girl, young or old, even rich or poor, that is one of their problems. Almost all of the Filipinos are experiencing poverty and it’s so sad that the innocent children are the one who affected too much.


At their very young age, they are taught how to earn for a living, just for their own selves and for their family as well.

Moreover ,the Philippines is now facing a homeless crisis despite being one of the fastest-growing  countries in Southeast Asia. There are painfully 4.5 million homeless Filipinos due to  poverty, violence, job failure, hopelessness, and natural disaster. The average age of death  for people experiencing homelessness is 45 for men and 43 for women. Homeless people  are known to be more prone to many infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and hepatitis  because of their compromised immune system, improper hygiene, and crowded places.

 The Government has programs like the Modified Conditional Cash Transfer for  Homeless Street Families program (MCCT-HSF) to help homeless people financially.  Moreover, this kind of initiative needs to increase to lessen the homeless population and  have them in a much better place.

 As of today, the estimated population of General Mariano Alvarez is around 155,000  people and 3,000 of people are estimated to be homeless.

With the help of non profit our gola is to offer  food, clothing, hygiene products  for the  homeless.


Samba Dramané in Mali

This year we have been contacted by a non profit in  Mali to help them build a drinking water well

To achieve this we will help raise money for the association of Samba Dramané village . Its parisian correspondent Michel Royer being our link with them.

In the meantime we will also collected clothes and medical supplies for its inhabitants.

Food, water and clothing will also be collected for the homeless in the 19th and 20th districts of Paris

Around this event, there will be animations (songs, dance battles, music, street theater etc.. by amateur and professional artists) on 21 and 22 JUNE;

Thus, the theme of our “Résous-Moi”: our treasure hunt, is music and musicals; cinema and literature. During a whole weekend, our treasure hunt will mobilize young people, students, children and their families as well as handicapped and older people on questions, animations around music.

A friendly way to raise awareness  about the causes we hold dear to our hearts.

Music is alive

The 2013 edition of “Résous-Moi” with the Japanese-French-African group Les Elles Du Tambour, live with traditional instruments.



Les Elles du Tambour
Les Elles du Tambour










The tracking game


Our treasure hunt is aimed at a local public and those coming from neighbouring departments as well as tourists.
All those who wish it. There is no e-discrimination with us.
Whether you are a geek, a no-life, a noob, a nerd, a snob… and even if you don’t understand a word of what has been said, everyone is welcome.
This event is an opportunity to bring generations together and discover our beautiful city and its history in a fun way and to learn about new technologies with the help of the most experienced.
Another innovation, our treasure hunt will be in French and in English for the question books.

And in a spirit of solidarity, this year the association will support two associations; “Les Oursins-Manille” which takes care of children victims of pedophile abuse in the Philippines by helping them to readapt through games and “A-Tout Pour Réussir” an association which helps immigrant women to find employment.

Support price for Paris Par Rues Méconnues: 2€ symbolic for the booklet


 Collected goods

Charity for Philippines and Mali
Foods and clothes donation for the parisian homeless

The Vibe

Beneficiaries: Samba Dramané Village in Mali, the homeless people in the 19th & 20th district


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