Our dear friend Ayden was the host and presenter for this edition. She is wearing her own clothing brand #GlamEtnik from head to toe. Link to her website X


Street sessions

We were lucky enough this year to have some play and what a play. 🙂

Street theater with the troupe des Iles playing a play by Armand Gatti as an invitation to revolt.


Our friends from 9.7 degrés

Open scene

We like to entertain and discover new  talents or see confirmed ones. This is why this year we decided to have Open Mic sessions!

And they were quite exciting 😁 🎶🎤

This was open for all musicians to perform: first-timers to come and take the stage as well as more matured artists. No admission fee to perform or just come and watch.

Riri de Montsouris & Tim Jessop

They rocked the place old school style: with real instruments and a real sounds. Such a relief in a time where sampling is king. Don’t hesitate to contact them for your private shows or any events you would like to organize 🙂   His YouTube Channel


When children enchant us. To quote Brel I will say “I say in this that she sings other songs than those that the sea enchants”.
Aicha during the Open mic session for the neighborhood youngsters. So much talent #AgeAintNothingButANumber


African fever


The collected goods

For France

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