A unique multidisciplinary event for new forms of solidarity. During a whole weekend Solve Me: I Am The Link That I Weave offers a fun, artistic and productive through the great Belleville (19th and 20th arrondissements) to promote crafts and small neighborhood businesses, amateur artistic practices but also new opportunities for engagement for festival-goers, a showcase for local artists as elements of a forum for associations. Various artistic performances, exhibitions, family activities, family activities, fashion shows, shows and animations.

We Believe that Sharing is Caring!! ♥️🌺♥️🌺♥️ Solve me 2018 🌹!! Get into the groove and fight with us to improve things!! Because creating a better future for orphans, young gays banned from their homes is also an act of #faith and #love🤶🏻🤶🏻!! And we sure need that in this cold world.♥️

Fashion and Arts

For the second year in a row, our solidary festival  Résous-Moi aka Solve Me  organized a fashion show. Not one but two ,July 13th and 15th 2018.

As in 2017 it will be an artistic one around the paintings of Bertrand Bellon and organized by Laurent, Océane and the designers  Yannick Barro
Those shows were also a tribute to the late Adam Youssef godfather of the 2017 edition.

On July 13th and 15th, two art shows will be held as part of our Résous-Moi 2018 charity event. Their theme “When Art sublimates fashion” with designers with a big heart ,  such as Korean designer Grace Hye,  Burkinabe designer Coba Barro,  Belgium creator Nares Couture, who all gave their time and invest in this popular neighborhood so warm for the success of this solidarity festival.
Some of you see us in luxurious places or events, but at least once a year, we give back the good that was done to us by acting to help others.
The area we have chosen is because of its humanism.

Meet the designers

Meet the designers- résous-moi 2018
Meet the designers- résous-moi 2018

Coba Barro the trendy brand.

Male Female . European cuts in African fabrics. Wax, Bazin, Bogolan. For an always chic and comfortable look . Burkinabe, it is our favorite and we are so proud of him and his work representing the country of honest men

Coba Barro
Coba Barro


Grace Hye

Grace is a Korean designer living in France – she presents a fashion with Asian and graphic inspirations very colorful and modern, very fresh and glamorous. She is an artist at heart: she paints, on fabrics, ceramics or paintings, and on some of her more artistic pieces she likes to inscribe embroidered poems. Her remarkable talent was noticed because she participated in the 2018 edition of “Art Capital” at the Grand Palais last February.


Designer Grace Hye


So proud and happy to welcome designer #priscilleboucher with her clothing and accessories brand #k&c a mix between european influences and mama Africa. Her deed is really to promote #fashionforrelief, a #fashionwithapurpose world for she helps young orphans in #ivorycoast with her non profit #AssociationLesEnfantsdEmmanuel.
It’s a pleasure and honor to work with her on our #solidaryfestival this year.


Nares Couture

Narès Couture is a new first steps brand made to highlighting the splendor and femininity of women. Created by Neziroglu Aysun, a young Belgian fashion designer and inspired straight from ancient Egypt, our style refert to Arès a goddess who was glorified for her stength and charisma. Her values are femininity , sensuality and strength


Nares Couture
Nares Couture

Tabassum Saleem

It was when she won the competition for the title  of Madame Elegante France Internationale 2017-2018, an event for which we were a sponsor, that we met Tabassum. Since then, she has been using her fame and spotlight to speak out for causes close to her heart: girls’ education in Pakistan and in all impoverished areas of the world. She has become a goodwill ambassador at  Large IHRC in France In 2018, despite her busy schedule, she has kindly participated in Résous-Moi by presenting a Pakistani wedding dress



Meet the artists


Bertrand Bellon






 Our performers
Our performers

Norin’Radd universe is Very Ionesco or Kafkaïen with a particular tenderness for the daily life and the popular districts. The audience was mesmerized by this intense performance

Norin Radd by Laurent-Stéphane Montfort
Norin Radd by Laurent-Stéphane Montfort


Serge Delisle

It was  our pleasure to  have this producer, author, composer, singer, actor, scriptwriter, dialogue writer, photographer, video artist with us . Excerpt from the new genre ” roman-play” writen by Serge Delisle officiel “And from my heart flows a river of dry tears”. Born in the French West Indies, Serge  brings up to date the West Indian traditions of songs and stories.  Exclusively showcased  for the festival and accompanied by the drums of the french west indies .~Gwadada #Madinina


Our performers
Our performers













Such a pleasure and an honor to get these two beautiful souls like Nirintsoa and Rita Romain preading love and singing for the opening day of our solidary festival Friday July 13th at 7pm.
Share the news, share the love: the more the better to raise awareness about the education issues in #BurkinaFaso & #IvoryCoast

As usual Becoming healthier is more than losing weight. I’m going to improve the quality of my life.
Find out how during the conference held by @michele_pnk #michelepenka Saturday July 14th at 4pm


The Sum-up

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been on this earth, how much money you’ve accumulated, or how much attention you’ve received. It’s the amount of positive vibrations you have emitted and radiated that counts.

The official photos of Resous-Moi  2018 Charity High Fashion Show.

Beneficiaries: The Dogbolo family in Ivory Coast. Les enfants d’Emmanuel in Ivory Coast

Video Produced by Corinne Babin Production.

Principal sponsors: Mairie de Paris 19/ Mairie de Paris 20.

Major sponsors: Monoprix, Eureka ma maison Etablissements Fournel, Ecouter-Voir, Optic 2000, Kenka Chaussures Ecologiques, AOG premium water, MyLittle Paris..

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