Résous-Moi 2021

It is with great pleasure that we await you on the 12th edition of our humanitarian festival. After a year 2020, which saw the continuation of our charitable actions, but without music or art, 2021 signs our great return. In limited gauge, but not limited in quality. Our goal

Résous-Moi 2020

Résous-Moi: its fashion show and artistry works to ensure that the world’s excluded children have access to life-saving healthcare and quality education. It’s been our mission to help the most deprived and marginalized children since 2009, and with this edition, we will work to ensure millions of children worldwide


Résous-Moi 2019

La Cartonnerie Paris blows out the candles for the 10th anniversary of the Résous-Moi festival from July 5 to 7, 2019.   Our 10th anniversary.. a special edition On the occasion of this 10th edition, Paris Par Rues Méconnues, in the setting of La Cartonnerie Paris, has concocted a


Résous-Moi 2018

A unique multidisciplinary event for new forms of solidarity. During a whole weekend Solve Me: I Am The Link That I Weave offers a fun, artistic and productive through the great Belleville (19th and 20th arrondissements) to promote crafts and small neighborhood businesses, amateur artistic practices but also new


Résous-Moi 2017

Paris capital of fashion or fashion in capital. 2017 winner of the school @Studio Mode Paris #MaximeFernandes will come to present his #sustainable, colorful and 80’s inspired collection, within the framework of our solidary festival #SolveMe2017. A unique and warm universe, open to the world in the image of its


Résous-Moi 2016

    Our dear friend Ayden was the host and presenter for this edition. She is wearing her own clothing brand #GlamEtnik from head to toe. Link to her website X   Street sessions We were lucky enough this year to have some play and what a play.  Street theater


Résous-Moi 2015

– The ethical and solidarity track game organized for 6 years by Paris Par Rues Méconnues with animations (songs, music, dance, debates etc…) highlighting the talents and local actors of the district to collect material (medical, school), toys, clothes and non-perishable foodstuffs to help in France as well as


Résous-Moi 2014

This year, our solidarity puzzle game, in favor of disability in Togo and children victims of the war in Central Africa be a successful and concrete humanistic and charitable event. The supported projects This year again, with “Résous-Moi” Paris Par Rues Méconnues played the good fairy And this year,

Résous-Moi 2013

Second launch for the festival to open up to foreign countries. After the Philippines, a live changing experience . Retrospective of our one year investment in Philippines A place dear to our hearts where we helped in building a new school and make private donations after organizing a fundraise.

Résous-Moi 2012

    The Philippines: call to actions There are different ways of describing poverty. By how you live or by how much money you have. Not many of us know the true meaning of poverty. Poverty is an issue throughout the world. Poverty is caused by corruption, natural disasters,


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