Résous-Moi 2018

A unique multidisciplinary event for new forms of solidarity. During a whole weekend Solve Me: I Am The Link That I Weave offers a fun, artistic and productive through the great Belleville (19th and 20th arrondissements) to promote crafts and small neighborhood businesses, amateur artistic practices but also new


Résous-Moi 2013

Second launch for the festival to open up to foreign countries. After the Philippines, a live changing experience . Retrospective of our one year investment in Philippines A place dear to our hearts where we helped in building a new school and make private donations after organizing a fundraise.

Résous-Moi 2009

First edition of our block party.. in November!! How crazy we are right!   We wanted to invent a festive event held annually and co-organized with our local partners : ( shop owners, artits, craftworkers, non profits, inhabitants) to make people come together , encourage the discovery or rediscovery


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