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Je Suis Le Lien Que Je Tisse


7th – 9th July, 2023

Grand Belleville,Paris


Day event




Conferences about health

and a lot more...

Encourage, Exhibit, Partner and Support Local Communities

Be prepared for the 14th Edition of the 3 Day cultural and Humanitarian Festival. A collaborative event bringing together artists, performers, designers, community leaders, academics and change-makers to raise funds for those in need.

Who we are

Resous-Moi is a nonprofit organization located in Paris. We provide food to the homeless in Paris, plus clothing, recreational equipment, school supplies and uniforms to children’s homes. Our actions include financial support to numerous youth shelters, support for youth mentoring and self-esteem initiatives organized by our non-profit partners on site with whom we team up to help build homes and provide clean water and sanitation to the less fortunate.

Together we are changing lives

With your help, we can help improve the lives of an entire community.

Our Team

Resolve-Me: I Am The Link I Weave

From a cultural and fun neighborhood festival to a festive, charitable organization committed to helping people in need live better, healthier lives and create their own futures.

We’d love to hear from you

Whether you are curious about the event, donation or your involvement, we are ready to answer all or any question.

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