Ecotourism is a nature travel experience that contributes to the conservation of nature.

Whetever it is in Paris, France, Europe, tourists promote good treatment of shared natural resources and sustainable small circuits. Worldwide we teach the locals about new ecosystems, providing funds for conservation work, respect native species, care for their natural habitat so they can enjoy its resources and live from them while raising awareness to the social, political, and environmental challenges.

The opportunity for these countries to enhance their development potential by harnessing their natural resources without, at the same time, destroying them cannot be denied. What is essential, however, is the recognition that, without adequate understanding of underlying factors and careful planning and management, ecotourism may include unsustainable aspects.

The idea that ecotourism offers a fair deal to communities, providing financial rewards
and being useful to certain groups of influence, is a notion that is not far from the principles of
social justice and sustainability. This, actually, is the basis of the efforts of many countries
concerned by these issues (Wearing & Neil, 1999).

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