Poverty is a worldwide issue that need a global view in order to be solved. It needs the combinations of Business, good will and philantrophy in order to. Our vision is to invest in the youth because they are the change makers of the future. We provide our expertise as well as that of passionate entrepreneurs willing to teach and share with youngsters and women alike. So they can create their own chance, shape their own future, without giving in to the sirens of the western world, risking their lives on boats in very scary conditions dreaming of a better future. Our motto “Misery is not a fatality, it comes from our incapacity to think about sharing. Abbé Pierre

One-third of the world’s children remain cut off from education when it can solve so many issues and change lives on a daily basis. Our mission with the ” Baobab Project” is to unleash potential and form the minds with more human values : like kindness, protection of earth and your immediate environement. All the aspects that will shape the community in a long run.

Empowering women entrepreneurs in developing countries.  70% of women-owned small or medium-sized businesses in the poorest countries are unserved, underserved and not taken seriously by financial institutions though field studies show women are more reliable and reinvest 80% of their income in the wellbeing and education of their families and community.

Investing in them is investing in the future and in gender equality.

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