According to WPA ( world psychiatrics association) armed conflicts have a devastating impact on the mental health of affected populations. Post‐traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression are the most common mental disorders in the aftermath of war for both adults and children, occurring in up to one third of the people directly exposed to traumatic war experiences. Losing their homes and parents, these children are prey to traffickers that use their organs for selling purposes, or abuse the young children , teenagers and young adults for sexual pleasure. Add the fact that they are more likely to face barriers in getting a good education and you’ll understand why it is harder for them to find – and keep – a job

Organ trafficking holds a critical place with transnational organized crime groups due to high demand and low rates of legal punishment. Orphans are an easy target. They live on the streets, barely surviving on their own. But fortunatly many associations like our partner in Benin, “Dans la peau du vulnérable” ( In the skin of the vulnerable) to find ways to help, take care and heal the children both physically and mentally. They have the goals , will and ideas. They just need a little help from friends

Amongst those straying on the streets, we find people rejected by their families because of their sexual orientations, they are limited in their human rights . Too often they are exposed to discrimination and violence. They are daily targets of threats; they face sexual harassment and are prosecuted and persecuted. They are also denied health care. This is our fight. Stepping in as a open door of good will is what we do.

Together, we can build a world where everyone has the safety they deserve. You are only one click away ! Join us.

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