Valentina is a graduate of the University of Milan and has furthered her professional development, specializing in fundraising. With her team of volunteers she organize fundraising events (dinners, softball tournaments, etc.), ensure that materials are distributed and negociates with sponsors and institutions. She’s been a part of the Résous-Moi


Sébastien works in the legal department and has been a volunteer in Résous-Moi festival since 2018, dealing with the catering and logistic fields.In 2021, he increased his investment becoming one of the founding members of the non profit ” Résous-Moi: Je Suis Le Lien Que Je Tisse”


Volunteering is a wonderful way to help out those in need in our communities. Volunteers also benefit from the volunteer work they complete. Understanding that different causes call to different people – and everyone finds their own calling – Valérie’s  favorite causes are those that empower , women and


Fashion columnist/image reporter at TéléAntilles, editor, fashion designer, image consultant, Corinne is a whole universe and multitalented entrepreneur.After two participations in Résous-Moi in 2018 and 2019, she decided to get more involved in the organization by taking charge of the communication part of the festival.



Graduated in social sciences and with a Master’s degree in Law, Economics and Communication , she has been involved in humanitarian field since 2008. She has worked with many no profits helping feed homeless people in Paris, before working in 2009, on the Résous-Moi project with Paris Par Rues


Photographer for over thirty years, Paul works especially for film, fashion and sports. Since 2017, he has been a member of the project “Résous-Moi: Je Suis Le Lien Que Je Tisse” and has become an indispensable asset to photograph and sublimate our models. He is in charge of the


Artist and academic, Bertrand paints, photographs, writes, teaches, exhibits around the world and travels across the 5 continents.His involvement since 2009 and the creation of the project “Résous-Moi: Je Suis Le Lien Que Je Tisse”, has increased from the simple act of offering paintings as donations for the winners



Blogger, speaker, Entrepreneur in tourism and philantropist, Angenic is at the heart of theRésous-Moi. Project she was doing on her own helping the homeless in the Grand Belleville ( Paris 10th,11th,19th & 20th arrondissements) long before she incorporated it within her company Paris Par Rues Méconnues in 2009. Then



General practitioner, Specialized in Nutrition and Micronutrition, in Nutritional , Anti-aging and Functional Medicine. Since 2018, Michèle speaks and teaches about plants and spices as well as their beneficial effects on our body during the conferences she gives as part of the health component of “Résous-Moi: Je Suis Le


Volunteers are a tremendous resource for charitable nonprofits. Without them many charitable nonprofits would not be able to conduct programs, raise funds, or serve clients. Meeting them is a lucky charm and that’s exactly what happened in 2018 with Ange-Bénédicte. After attending that year edition , she decided to


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