I decided to become a volunteer because i understand the importance of making small changes close to home to make your community a better place to live. I choose to support the cause of the homeless in Paris, so I collect food and clothings for them. In the end I get to learn more about myself, life and the way to react to others. Volunteering creates have a huge impact and is rewarding in ways one can never expect.

It is so easy and there are so many ways to lend an hand and start changing your life as well as improve lives of others

  • Teach children to read and write
  • Spend time with sick or elderly individuals in nursing homes and hospitals
  • Participate in fundraising events for a charity
  • Prepare or serve food at a soup kitchen or food bank
  • Teach job skills to those living at a shelter to enable them to get on their feet and support themselves
  • Take care of animals at a local animal shelter and help at pet adoption events
  • Make resume for those you cannot
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